Finch Homes For Bluebirds

Nesting Box Mounting Instructions


Our nesting box is constructed with a rear overhang on the roof.  This extends the life of the box and keeps the occupants drier.  The bottom 2 inches of the mounting strap is used to adjust and level the box because of this overhang. It all possible, we suggest that the nesting box be mounted on pipe to discourage most predators.  Place box to a height that you can easily open and monitor.  

  • For mounting on a pipe

Bend the strap on the back of the nesting box down to insert into a pipe. The bottom 2 inches of the strap should be bent out to adjust for a level upright position.

  • For mounting on structure such as a post

Bend back strap up and use screws or nails to secure.  Bend the bottom 2 inches of strap out to adjust for upright and level position.


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