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Dan's signature piece is the tobacco barn pot. After throwing the stoneware jug, the hand built barn and tree are added to the piece. The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC recently acquired one of these pots as part of its permanent display. Tobacco Barn Pot

Tobacco Leaf Pot

The same sculpting technique is employed on this "tobacco leaf" pot. These pieces convey Dan's heritage as a youth growing up on the family tobacco farm.
Along with his barn pots, Dan is also well known for his big pieces. Thrown in sections, they reach twelve feet in height. Since firing works of such proportions is not possible in a conventional kiln, Dan designed and built a custom kiln. Made from a discarded propane tank, the kiln is mounted on a hoist and is lowered over a single tall pot.
10 Foot Pot

Three Tall Pots

Dipping, pouring, or spraying lead-free glazes onto the forms decorates these stoneware pieces and Dan's porcelain pots.

They are then high-fired to cone 10, about 2500° F.


"Mamagama", the 700 cubic foot wood-fired kiln was built by Dan and friends in 1999.  Each fire requires a team of people to feed (stoke) Mama from 2 to 4 days, depending on the desired effect.


Over 700 pots created by many area potters were fired during Mama's first firing.


Mamagama Interior


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